Who we are.

We are Hackappatoi, a team mainly composed by students of cybersecurity at La Sapienza University of Rome. We try to attend one CTF a week to keep our minds trained and have fun while giving our best 😉


Davide Brian Di Campi (@voidPtr)
Tiziano Colagrossi (@eurus)
Michele Dilollo (@isfet)
Lucian Medrihan (@1vcian)
Riccardo Pagliuca (@capithanos)
Pietro Mazzini (@myasnik)
Federico Mastrogiacomo (@unleashed)
Leonardo Persiani (@leo1098)
Irene Orchi (@SinonSniperH)
Luca Scarmozzino (@ska)
Luca Mongelli (@retro)
Gabriele Duchi (@psycoshadw)